Spider’s web on an alium


We spotted this in the garden a couple of evenings ago. Some industrious wee beastie had spent hours creating a large web that took in a large alium plant and even the grasses around in. Taken at 1/1000s on a Fuji X100T to capture only the highlights all I did in Snapseed was convert to black and white and dial up the shadows a touch.

The passing of time and the impermanence of everything


I always think that the key to being a good photographer isn’t understanding all the technical theory, or having the best camera and knowing it inside out, it’s just about keeping your eyes open and alert to the possibility of something that makes for a good image.

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Where to share? The problem for photographers online

We have never had as many online outlets for photography as we have now.

As a fan I’ve had a lifelong passion for photography, but as a photographer I’m definitely still within Cartier-Bresson’s “first 10,000 photos”. Occasionally I can turn out photos that I’m quite proud of, but I’m under no illusions as to how good the other 90% of my photos are. It’s mostly time that stops me practising the craft. I say ‘mostly’; I think that chief amongst the other missing ingredients is the chance to have good, meaningful discussions with other photographers.

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