Song of the Week: Steps, “Story of a Heart (radio edit)”

This is not going to come as much of a surprise because as regular listeners will know I’m something of a pop tart, but I fricking loved Steps V1.0. Well, not “5-6-7-8” quite so much because line dancing is one of those things that should have been consigned to the great pedal bin of life a long time ago.

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Deconstruction Records

A Spotify playlist of some of the greatest hits (at least, the ones that are on Spotify) from Manchester’s own Deconstruction Records.

Deconstruction Records was one of my favourite labels during my working DJ life. Based in Manchester, they were home to some of the most credible dance acts to come out of the UK in the 1990s – acts like M People, Republica, and Kylie Minogue (while she was a bit shit).

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