Song of the Week #2: Arcade Fire, "Everything Now"

I have to confess, Arcade Fire are a band that have grown on me. I knew of “The Suburbs” single and thought that was ‘quite good’, but it wasn’t until I saw their Glastonbury 2014 set that I really got them. “Reflektor” and “We Exist” were the two tracks that really burned themselves into my consciousness.

So, “Everything Now” is the first new material that’s been released since I became a fan. It’s produced by former Trolley Dog Shag and Pulp bassist Steve Mackey and 50% of Daft Punk in the form of Thomas Bangalter, which probably accounts for the dancier aspects. And boy, what a corker it is.

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The Rock Anthology

A huge Spotify playlist, updated almost daily, featuring all types of guitar music – rock, indie, heavy metal, goth, emo, glam rock, hard rock, hair metal, prog rock, pop rock, new wave and shoegaze – everything from Alabama 3 to Yeah Yeah Yeahs.


I bought Marillion’s “Misplaced Childhood” on vinyl and was immediately lost in the swirling keyboards and lovelorn poetic lyrics – to say nothing of the very comprehensive guitar solos, each of which would frequently cause me to miss a week’s worth of school.

Since then my taste in guitar music has broadened. I lived through Goth and Emo, through Britpop, through Madchester (just) and now – well, I guess Ed Sheeran has a guitar too. Good for him. I don’t listen to as much Marillion as I like, but it’s difficult to give over a whole month to listen to a single keyboard progression. Plus Fish left and they’re shit now he’s gone.

This is a giant collection of all my favourite guitar music and is updated practically daily, certainly every week. Whack out your air guitar (not a euphemism) and rock on, Tommy!

The kids still say that, right?

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