An elegy for the simple sandwich

Siberian kale with cherrystone clam
Bulgar, quinoa, and spicy brown mustard
Orange okra served with whiskey-roast ham
Red chard, leaf lard, and savoury custard

Avocado jam with relish of quince
Shaved black truffle with sourdough croutons
Sun dried tomatoes with guinea pig mince
Plantain wraps served on tiny oak futons

Sandwich menus leave me filled with remorse
For the simple thrill of cheese with brown sauce

Minor Victories in Concert

What do Minor Victories, Syntax and the Bloom Twins have in common?
I didn’t go to see them in concert, but I came away glad that I had.
Playing in Nottingham recently were Minor Victories, a band that Wikipedia calls ‘a British alternative rock supergroup’. Read my review of the gig here.

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