An elegy for the simple sandwich

Siberian kale with cherrystone clam
Bulgar, quinoa, and spicy brown mustard
Orange okra served with whiskey-roast ham
Red chard, leaf lard, and savoury custard

Avocado jam with relish of quince
Shaved black truffle with sourdough croutons
Sun dried tomatoes with guinea pig mince
Plantain wraps served on tiny oak futons

Sandwich menus leave me filled with remorse
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Mixtape Monday – Shenanigans XVI

The working title for Shenanigans XVI was “From Little Mix to Led Zeppelin”. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anywhere to get some Led Zep in, but it’s safe to say that this mix really does run the gamut of popular music as well as covering a period of over 50 years. The oldest track is Harry Belafonte’s “Jump in the Line” recorded on 1961 (but written in 1946) and which you’ll know from the movie ‘Beetlejuice’. Other tracks from the sixties include Marva Whitney’s “Unwind Yourself” – if it sounds familiar, it’s because you recognise the introduction as the sample from DJ Mark’s “The 900 Number”.

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Set list: Depeche Mode at the London Stadium, June 3rd 2017

This is the set list from the Depeche Mode gig played in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on June 3rd 2017. I have many questions, not least of which is what does Queen Elizabeth have to do with the Olympics? I feel like the organisers could have named it after Queen Elizabeth II. Continue reading Set list: Depeche Mode at the London Stadium, June 3rd 2017

Christina Aguilera – The Stripped Tour 2003 setlist Spotify playlist

The year is 2003. In an attempt to shake off her bubblegum pop image, Christina Aguilera dumps both her management team and most of her clothes and takes control of her own career. With her new album, “Stripped”, she grows up both personally and musically, embracing a wide range of styles and genres and tackling difficult lyrical content.

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