Where to share? The problem for photographers online

We have never had as many online outlets for photography as we have now.

As a fan I’ve had a lifelong passion for photography, but as a photographer I’m definitely still within Cartier-Bresson’s “first 10,000 photos”. Occasionally I can turn out photos that I’m quite proud of, but I’m under no illusions as to how good the other 90% of my photos are. It’s mostly time that stops me practising the craft. I say ‘mostly’; I think that chief amongst the other missing ingredients is the chance to have good, meaningful discussions with other photographers.

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A very short story about random encounters in a coffee shop

You’re sitting in Starbucks with a friend, just idly chatting about this and that; not anything in particular, just a conversation sparked off by a chance remark. Starbucks is full but that’s okay, you’re just passing the time of day and enjoying the chance to catch up with a friend.

Suddenly, a stranger comes and sits at your table with you.

“Start again,” he says. You look at him, not quite knowing what to make of either his sudden appearance or strange demand.

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