25 years on – "1992 The Love Album", by Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine

May 2017 marks 25 years since Carter USM released “1992 The Love Album”, which was paradoxically both their most successful album and the one that began their sad demise. To mark the anniversary we take a look at Carter’s seminal album and ask ourselves, “is wrestling fixed?”

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Song of the Week: Steps, “Story of a Heart (radio edit)”

This is not going to come as much of a surprise because as regular listeners will know I’m something of a pop tart, but I fricking loved Steps V1.0. Well, not “5-6-7-8” quite so much because line dancing is one of those things that should have been consigned to the great pedal bin of life a long time ago.

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SUPER – Pet Shop Boys concert review

In September 2012, Pet Shop Boys released their eleventh regular studio album, ‘Elysium’. To my mind, it’s their most soporific and middling album to date and one marked by their most crushingly bland single, ‘Winner’. Metacritic ranked the aggregated review scores for the album as ‘generally favourable’.

‘Elysium’ would turn out to their last single in partnership with Parlophone, their home for the last three decades. Six months after its release, Pet Shop Boys announced that they had signed a new deal with a new kind of label, Kobalt Label Services. The announcement came with the promise of new music, in the form of a snippet of a brand new track worlds away from the introspective meanderings of ‘Elysium’.

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