Placebo, live at Nottingham Motorpoint Arena December 2016

Return of the black eyeliner pencil (part 2)

It goes like this.

June 6th, 1996. Two talented but directionless musical chancers from Manchester form a band. They call themselves ‘Baby Bloke’ and although they never play live, they produce the underground masterpiece “You’re Gormless”. The pressures of possible stardom and the glare of the media spotlight (possibly the headlights from the 192 bus) cause the band to implode. One member decides to quit to pursue a solo career, the other due to the band’s lack of musical direction. Baby Bloke call it a day on June 7th, 1996.

Having sampled the life of an international rock star, the former members of Baby Bloke discovered they couldn’t adjust to everyday life and formed a new band. ‘Gazebo’ blended the best parts of David Bowie and the Kippax Street Stand and in their brief time in the spotlight (June 8th-June 9th 1996) they produced the underground masterpiece “Lardy Boy”. The pressures of possible worldwide touring and the health strains incurred by the rock and roll lifestyle (possibly a badly adjusted keyboard rest) caused the band to implode. One member was sacked for poor timekeeping (by himself) and the other left due to a lack of sense of direction. And with that, Gazebo were no more.

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