Perfecto Records – Spotify playlist

A Spotify playlist of classic cuts and remixes from Paul Oakenfold, Steve Osborne and the rest of the Perfecto roster. I thought, as a treat, a bit of a break from the old routine, that we would have a playlist that covered not just the greatest hits but also the greatest remixes.

As usual I have tried to choose some slightly more off the wall choices – for example, the obvious choice for a Grace single would be “Not Over Yet”, but literally everyone knows that record, so I picked “Skin on Skin” instead. I chose the incredible, soaring BT mix of “Loving You More”, one of a few mixes BT did around that time that lasted around 25 minutes each. There’s one for “Running Around Town” by Billie Ray Martin that is truly incredible. Have a listen – it’s a beast:


And then in terms of remixes, the obvious, almost blueprint of a Perfecto remix is the one for U2’s “Even Better Than The Real Thing”. But I also managed for find a remix of Embrace that I’ve never heard before.

So there you go – a collection of big hits, undiscovered gems and amazing remixes. Just thought it would make a nice change from the usual pickings from the back catalogue. See how I’m always thinking about you guys?

Also most of the songs I wanted weren’t on Spotify.

In what way would you like to disagree with me?

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