Cooltempo Records

As Acid House erupted, one UK dance music label had the nerve to take their sound in a completely different direction. This Spotify playlist captures that sound – the sound of Cooltempo.

Every young person in the country was wearing flared jeans, tie-dyed T-shirts and dust masks with a large sans serif A stencilled on to them. They communicated only by screeching “ACIEEED!” at each other in varying pitches and their diet consisted solely of some mysterious fare called “disco biscuits”, which they probably covered in drugs anyway. Upwards of three million of these feckless youths would meet at any one time at illegal raves which the news kept referring to as being underground but were actually held in abandoned airfields.

According to The Daily Mail, anyway.

During these times, EMI imprint Cooltempo took their sound in a completely different direction. Whilst they embraced house from the start, they didn’t really stray into acid territory and some of the house sounds they put out really defined the whole movement – “This Brutal House” helped describe the Chicago sound to UK audiences, whilst Adeva’s “Respect” brought house vocals to the fore. Circuit and Urban Soul only cemented Cooltempo’s position.

But it was the sound of the young soul rebels that really set Cooltempo’s place in the hearts and charts of the nation. Kenny Thomas’ “Outstanding” was one of the defining sounds of 1991, whilst acts like Monie Love and Innocence were regularly featured the growing number of credible music TV shows at that time, plus Normski’s “Dance Energy”.

Jesus. I just watched an episode of “Dance Energy” on YouTube and I’m starting to think The Daily Mail may have been right.

In what way would you like to disagree with me?

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