The Blue Anthology

You want sad songs? We got sad songs. You want melancholy? We got melancholy. Like Sally Sparrow said, sadness is just happy for deep people. This is a frequently updated Spotify playlist of sad songs, love songs, ballads, quiet storm, tearjerkers and general musical melancholia.

Why do we listen to sad songs?

In a recent study at Tokyo University of the Arts, researchers asked 44 volunteers (musicians and non-musicians) to listen to both sad and happy music and then “rate their perception toward the music and their own emotional state.” The results suggested that sad music elicited “contradictory emotions” because participants found the sad music “to be more tragic, less romantic and less blithe than they felt themselves while listening to it.” In other words, the sad music they listened to was sadder than their own lives, which in turn made participants feel not so sad about their own state.

~ Psychology Today,

Why do we listen to sad songs?

Smeg knows. We just do. These are the songs that I listen to when I’m feeling blue, hence the name. Some are actually heartbreakingly sad, some are just a bit downtempo, some sound upbeat but have sad lyrics, and one of them sounds sad but is actually about weapons-grade casual rumpy-pumpy (we’re looking at you here, Farrah Moan-lookalike Christina Aguilera).


In what way would you like to disagree with me?

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