The Dance Anthology

An enormous Spotify playlist with daily updates featuring all types of dance music, with an emphasis on house and Hed Kandi styles – EDM, house, trance, deep house, disco house, twisted disco, techno, trance, US garage, and good old-fashioned pop dance. Shiny disco balls ahoy!

I started off life as a pop music fan, no doubt as a result of all the illicit listening to Radio Luxembourg I used to do under the covers when I should have been asleep (check out the ‘WTF’ section of the menu, top right). As a moody teen I slathered myself liberally in both Depeche Mode and adjectives like “pervtastic” until one day in 1987 when a school chum played a rather weird record for me. Sounding much like a technical fault with a Speak & Spell machine, that song was “House Nation” by House Master Boyz and the Rude Boy of House (catchy name).

I told my friend it was stupid and so-called “house music” would never catch on. Ten years later I was warming up for Gatecrasher’s Matt Hardwick, so I guess that showed my friend who was right!

Anyhoo, what you get in this Anthology mix are all things dance. Except Gabba. Fuck Gabba. I like 4/4 drums, piano loops, wailing divaz, feather boas and shiny disco balls, and this playlist has them in spades. This playlist is the one that I add all my favourite dance records to, whether they’re 30 years old or coming out next week, and I update it most days so please subscribe and tuck in.

In what way would you like to disagree with me?

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