Pet Shop Boys SUPER Tour setlist – Spotify playlist

As I wrote about here, in February we went to see Pet Shop Boys performing at the First Direct Arena. It really was one of the greatest gigs that I’ve ever been to and to help relive the moment, I’ve put together a playlist of the setlist.

Now, I have to confess that there are a couple of songs missing. One is “The Enigma”, taken from their Alan Turing project “A Man from the Future”. That should have come between “Home and Dry” and setlist standout “Vocal”.

The other is the closing track, a reprise of “The Pop Kids”, which was little more than a couple of choruses as I recall. I also took the liberty of using the full version of “The Pop Kids” earlier, which has an extra verse.

I’ve been using to track down other gigs that I’ve attended so I can make playlists, because yes, I am that sad. Still, something for you to look forward to!


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