Nino’s Themes – 90s soundtrack songs Spotify playlist

A Spotify playlist featuring eleven songs from 80s and 90s films with hip-hop soundtracks, such as New Jack City, Juice, and Do The Right Thing.

As hip hop started to become more mainstream, Hollywood was not slow to start incorporating it into films. Directors like Spike Lee (“Do The Right Thing”, 1989) and Mario Van Peebles (“New Jack City”) used black music sympathetically in their films so that the images and the music are intertwined, with songs like “Fight The Power” written especially for the films they were included in.

As the decade progressed songs were used as incidental music and in the background of scenes just so that they could be included on the soundtrack albums, and so that fans of artistes might watch the films too.

Probably the most successful of these songs is “End of The Road”, which was #1 in the US charts for 13 weeks, was the top-selling US single of 1992 and the 6th top-selling of the whole decade. Similarly, “Gangsta’s Paradise” was the top-selling single of 1995, mustering over 10,000,000 sales worldwide.

Track list

  1. “Fight the Power” – Public Enemy (Do The Right Thing, 1989)
  2. “For the Love of Money/Living for the City” – Queen Latifah (New Jack City, 1991)
  3. “Money Can’t Buy You Love” – Ralph Tresvant (Mo’ Money, 1992)
  4. “Know The Ledge” – Eric B and Rakim (Juice, 1992)
  5. “Revolution” – Arrested Development (Malcolm X, 1992)
  6. “End of the Road” – Boyz II Men (Boomerang, 1992)
  7. “Regulate” – Nate Dogg and Warren G (Above The Rim, 1994)
  8. “Gangsta’s Paradise” – Coolio (Dangerous Minds, 1995)
  9. “Keep Their Heads Ringin’” – Dr. Dre (Friday, 1995)
  10. “Don’t Let Go (Love)” – En Vogue (Set It Off, 1996)
  11. “What Would You Do” – City High (Life, 1999)



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