#365project – 14/365, Castleton

As well as being day 14 of the 365 project, this is also my first entry for the WordPress Daily Post Photo Challenge. The topic is: Ambience


With no snow in Chesterfield I decided to head out early into the Peak District in search of snow (there’s something magically photogenic about thick, virgin snow!). Unfortunately there wasn’t much to find, but I do love the contrast between the stone walls, grass and snow, especially the light, drifting snow.

I spent a couple of hours walking around whilst it was still quiet. I parked up in Castleton, walked up to Winnats Pass, along to Odin Mine, and then back to the village. There’s an amazing atmosphere about the place especially when you’re the only person around. The area is very popular with walkers and cyclists so it is difficult to get the place to yourself – the walk up to Mam Tor is very popular. It started to snow heavily and then it turned into rain, so I treated myself to a bacon sandwich for breakfast and then headed home.

Here’s a few shots of the area. Click on any of the images to open up the carousel and view them full size.




    1. The Stephen Booth books maybe? I love the Peak District, it’s my favourite place on earth and it’s only ten minutes from home. I’m trying to upload more of my photos from there, under Pictures > Peak District. Thanks for stopping by the blog!


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