General elections and general bias

I was going to write a well-reasoned article. It was going to be analytical and hard-hitting, flawless in its logic and merciless in its execution.

But then my dishwasher broke and 6 weeks after paying £180 there’s still a useless lump of metal in my kitchen. There’s also a lump of useless metal in the extension too, looking suspiciously like a thing that was a working boiler not that long ago. And hey! On the drive! There’s another lump of useless metal in the shape of a 1986 Corsa that failed its MOT.

I’ve been angry all day (I’ve been angry since 1970) but my mood was not improved by the news about the TV debates. I am, I guess, a socialist. A Fabian socialist, which is to say that I stopped believing in immediate global revolution and started to understand the virtue of a gradualist, reformist approach. I believe that society is only as strong as its weakest link, and I believe that society is best served by helping those at the bottom climb up rather than hoping that those at the top will allow some of their wealth to trickle down (how many altruistic millionaires do you know?).

I don’t really have a lot of faith in Labour at the moment, but I’ve written about that before. We don’t have a whole lot happening to shake up the left hand side of the political spectrum, and I’ve written about that too. The Conservatives have the knuckle-dragging elements on their side of things – UKIP, the EDL, the BNP – I can’t tell which is which – but at least they’re shaking things up for those amongst the populace who are elderly white landowners who have never heard of YouTube.

I was angry about the format of the debates, and I was angry about the medium for the debates. Other people have written more eloquently about it, so instead you can have my stream of consciousness ranting.

Oh, wait, that one wasn’t part of the rant. It’s part of a different rant. If you want to know what nothingness tastes like, what the space inside Joey Essex’s head is like, try M&S porridge.

Here’s where it starts. I’m not a fan of Ukip, I’m sure it shows, I don’t appear to be the only one.


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  1. The thing is, the people who complain generally have some stick in the fire. I am a member of the Green party, so “obviously” I am going to be angry at this.

    But I am angry not because “my” party is getting pushed out. I am angry because this is undemocratic, unfair, biased and liable to give UKIP more votes. This is blatant electioneering for the far right. Yes, it should make people angry.

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