Local elections: early predictions

I’m writing this on Monday evening, a few hours after Ed Miliband’s disastrous performance on Radio 4 this lunchtime. With the other party leaders due to follow suit this week, Miliband has set the bar so low that only an A4 piece of paper could slip below it. If Nick Griffin read out a selection of Keith Lemon’s best material while slathering himself with goose fat, it would still be called more of a victory than Miliband’s lamentable performance today.

For me the big worry is how that affects the local elections on Thursday. Everyone knows that you’re supposed to be voting for the local candidate, just as everyone knows that actual they’re delivering a half-time report on the parties and their leaders.

So, I’m making a prediction as to what I think will happen on Thursday. I reckon that we’ll see a modest victory for Labour, something that will let the Reds crow about having a good night whilst the Blues can say that the public are getting behind their policies and shows the gap closing on Labour. Ukip will make large relative gains, mostly on Conservative and LibDem ground. The Yellows, I predict, will be the night’s big losers.

Join me on Friday as I explain how I got all my predictions so utterly wrong.

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